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Who's Who

The Ridgeway staff team for the academic year 2018-19:


Director of Primary - Mr M McCarthy


Head of School & SENDCo - Mr A Golden

Deputy Head Teacher  (EYFS & KS1) - Miss M Baker

Assistant Head Teacher (KS2) - Mr A Storey


Year 6 - Mr A Storey

Year 6 - Miss J Donnison

Year 5 - Mr G Poulton

Year 4 - Miss L Cawthra

Year 4 - Mr S Holmes

Year 3 - Mrs R Wright

Year 3 - Miss E Diamond

Year 2 - Miss N Moore

Year 2 - Miss R Grewcock

Year 1 - Mr A Thompson

Year 1 - Mrs R Wills & Miss M Edwards

Reception - Miss D Gibson

Reception - Miss V Hutchinson

Nursery - Mrs K Harrison


Inclusion Manager - Mrs P Handy


Higher Level Teaching Assistants - Miss S Lanes, Ms D Gibbons, Mrs L Johnson & Mrs A Tyrrell


Teaching Assistants - Miss L Graham, Mrs K Brennan, Mrs J Gowan, Mrs G Jones, Mrs A Gateshill, Miss K Reid, Miss A Vaughan, Miss G Cusworth, Mrs R Adams, Mrs R Garvin & Miss N Sweeting


Apprentice Teaching Assistants - Miss G Turnbull, Miss A Cowell, Miss C Duker, Mr S Rafferty, Miss Z Gibson, Mrs L Gorman, Mrs S Atkinson, Miss M Seales.


Senior Admin Officer - Miss J Bryden


Administrator - Mrs M Ridley


Site Supervisor - Mr S Winter


Assistant Site Supervisor - Mr D Manson


Supervisory Assistants - Mrs S Ramsey, Mrs P Hugo, Miss L Hewson, Mrs V Bota, Mrs J O’Neill, Mrs T Crow, Mrs D Taylor, Mrs M Ridley & Mrs C Fairley