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In our school we are learning computing because we want our children to be online-safe, online-inspired and online-confident.  Computing is an integral part of our everyday life and will play an immeasurable part in our children’s futures.  At Ridgeway primary Academy, we want to provide all of our children with the skills, creativity and enthusiasm to live and thrive in a world increasingly dependent on computing.  As computing technology underpins today’s modern lifestyle it is essential that all pupils gain the confidence and ability that they need in this subject, to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.



In our school we use the Purple Mash Computing curriculum scheme to teach the three key areas of Computing:

  • Computing Science
  • Information technology
  • Digital literacy

Our scheme content is subject specific, making intra-curricular links where possible to strengthen schema.  Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are further promoted in Computing.


Skills and Techniques

  • Staying safe online
  • Programming and debugging
  • Keyboard and mouse skills
  • Creating databases
  • Keywords searching
  • Using a range of software
  • Navigate and save work in a file


These skills and techniques are developed each year, so that children can build upon and refine their skills in each area.