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The aim of geography at Ridgeway Primary Academy is to engage children in learning about their local area and their place in the world. They will learn to compare and contrast the UK with other globally significant locations by studying the human and physical features of these areas. They will gain a sense of identity and develop their cultural capacity by completing fieldwork and learning about current issues in the news that impact their world.



At Ridgeway Primary Academy, we believe that learning is a change in long term memory. We believe children learn best by having opportunities to revisit previous learning. Therefore, we teach geography termly, with a focus on geographical vocabulary. This develops their explanations and understanding of the world around them. Our curriculum is progressive and allows each class to develop their prior learning from the previous year. To support our children in developing their long term memory, we have designed Knowledge Organisers, Vocabulary mats and quizzes for each theme in our curriculum so that learning is revisited each lesson.



Geography at Ridgeway Primary Academy offers children a range of experiences to understand the world around them. Each Key stage has access to a resource box which contain relevant and current resources to support their learning; such as, games, atlases and a variety of maps. In KS1 and KS2, the children will complete fieldwork which allows them to have real experiences, make observations and collect real data. Our curriculum is subject specific, therefore, geography lessons develop quality geographical knowledge and skills and work is produced with this focus.

A teaching suggestions document has been developed by the Geography co-ordinator and Curriculum co-ordinator to support the teaching of this subject and to ensure there are a range of engaging learning opportunities for our children. Each year group has a list of ambitious geographical vocabulary that is revisited regularly so that children are able to use them in their explanations of the world around them.



The intended impact of our geography curriculum is that learning is memorable and enables children to build knowledge, compare and contrast this knowledge and use this to explore, make observations and positively impact the world around them. The children will gain a rich cultural capital throughout their time at Ridgeway Primary Academy with the unique experiences that we provide them.