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At Ridgeway Primary Academy, we use Charanga, which is a nationally recognised scheme that ensures our children are exposed to a relevant, broad and most importantly, exciting and engaging music curriculum.  We have high expectations of our children and hope that as a result of an excellent curriculum and delivery, we can inspire to children to further their music education outside of school and beyond key stage 2.


Learning to explore and understand the dimensions of music not only aids academic development, but can be therapeutic for the soul.  Our intent is to provide a continuous provision that exposes children to a wide range of musicians, bands and genres.  We aim to use music at appropriate times throughout the day to assist learning across the curriculum with a focus on cultures around the world and history.


In music, the key areas of focus for our school are:

  • learning to use and adapt our voices appropriately;
  • performance;
  • reading and applying staff notation;
  • understanding the dimensions of music.


The government recently released a new non-statutory Model Music Curriculum, which we have adopted as a school.  This curriculum will be delivered via our Charanga curriculum scheme which is still currently under construction.  Details can be found on our page for Autumn 2 term and Spring 1.  Keep your eyes open for future content, which will be published on its release.



Autumn 2

Spring 1

Year 1

Introducing Beat

How can we make friends when we sing together?

Adding Rhythm & Pitch

How does music tell stories about the past?

Year 2

Exploring Simple Pattern

How does music help us to make friends?

Focus on Dynamics & Tempo

How does music teach us about the past?

Year 3

Developing Notation Skills

How does music bring us closer together?

Enjoying Improvisation

What stories does music tell us about the past?

Year 4

Interesting Time Signatures

How does music bring us together?

Combing Elements to Make Music

How does music connect us with our pasts?

Year 5

Getting Started with Music Tech

How does music bring us together?

Emotions and Musical Styles

How does music connect us with our past?

Year 6

Developing Melodic Phrases

How does music bring us together?

Understanding Structure & Form

How does music connect us with our past?