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In and through PE our pupils will develop fundamental skills in games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, OAA and swimming which they can transfer and apply to positively impact their mental attitude. This will ensure they are confident, determined and passionate about their learning so they are physically active for life and reach their maximum potential. The basis of the high-quality physical education programme at Ridgeway is to enhance the fundamental movement skills of all children. They are the foundation movements necessary for children to move on to more specialised, complex skills used in all areas of physical activity.


This Year we will be taking part in the following competitions - 

  • Year 1 KS1 Mini Tennis Festival 
  • Year 2 - Football Festival
  • Year 3 - Countdown Cricket Festival
  • Year 4 - Mini Tennis Competition
  • Year 5 - IN2Hockey Tournament 
  • Year 6 - Bee Netball Tournament