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Week beginning: 13th July 2020

WB 13.7.20    Reception Home Learning Planning

Transition Theme

Even thought our time has been cut short, we have had such a wonderful year with you in reception. We hope these activities help you feel a little more

prepared for year 1.

Love Miss Hutchinson and Miss Gibson xx


· Write ‘the book of me’. Write some things you like and dislike as well as some other information about you to give to your Year 1 teacher in September.

· Write a list of the friends in your class and draw their pictures! They will be with you next year.

· Draw and decorate a beautiful shining star. Can you write your wish on it for year 1?

· Can you write a message to your new teacher?

· Think of some of the class rules you will need to follow in year 1. Can you write a list of them?

· Can you think of some of your favourite memories from reception? What was the funniest moment, favourite moment, happiest moment, your favourite school trip?

· Can you draw around your hand and write 5 things your are super good at on each finger?

· Can you paint a stone with your favourite memory from the school year?

· Make a portrait of yourself ready to show your new teacher!

· Draw a picture of your favourite things. Can you label each one to share with your friends and teacher?

· Make a storyboard of your favourite story.

· Make an all about me box. This can include drawings of things that are special to you, e.g. family favourite things and pets. You can add some objects to your box too!

· Create a letter for your new teacher. You can tell them what you are looking forward to next year!

· Practise tying your own shoe laces.

· Write a list of questions that you would like to know about your new teacher. You might want to find out about their favourite colour, food or television program!

· Design and make your own handprint picture.

· Paint a picture of what you would like to be when you grow up. This could be a scientist, a shop worker, a police officer or a farmer!