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Week beginning: 22nd June 2020


Educational activities for home                                   Reception                                      Week beginning 22.6.20


Summer 2

Story of the week- Topsy and Tim go on Holiday (Topic- The Seaside)

Phonics activities

  • Reveal phase 2/phase 3 sounds to your child. Ask them to identify the sound. How many sounds can they identify in 1 minute? Can they beat their score every day?
  • Play phonics lucky dip! Write some words onto pieces of paper and place in a bucket of shredded paper. Pick out a word, segment and blend. Can you orally put the word into a sentence?
  • Write some words containing the following digraphs, sh, ch, th, and ee. Find the digraph in the word. Read the word then match it with the correct digraph.
  • Play word smash! Write words on the bottom of plastic cups. Say a word to your child and encourage them to find the correct cup. Encourage them to say the individual sounds and blend. If it is the correct cup, they stand on it!
  • Use your phonic skills to help your grown-up write a shopping list.
  • Spread a layer of sand, flour or rice into a tray. Ask your grown up to say a word, and then use your finger or paintbrush to write the word into the tray. Try writing the words shell, cash, jet, feet, van and moon.
  • Hide a teddy or another toy around the house. Write some simple clues to give to your child to help them find the object. For example, on the chair, in the box or under the bed. Follow the hunt to see if you can find the object.
  • Draw a picture to go with these sentences. The rat is in the tub. The cat has a long tail. The glass is full of milk.
  • Try writing the following captions (fish and chips on a dish, tools in the shed, looking at books).


Reading and writing activities

  • Listen to the book of the week ‘Topsy and Tim go on Holiday’ by Suzy Lee. Do you like this story? Why?
  • In the story, Topsy and Tim drove to their holiday, which other modes of transport might you use to go on holiday? Can you draw and label it?
  • Can you draw a map from your house to a place you’d like to go on holiday? Remember to label the roads, shops and different places you’ll pass.
  • Can you write a list of things you would take on holiday with you? Which are the 3 most important things, can you tell your grown up why you think this? You could even write this down too!
  • Have a picnic at home! Can you write about what you had in your picnic?
  • In the story the family pick up all their litter. Can you make a poster to encourage people to pick up their rubbish? See picture below.
  • In the story the car gets stuck in the ditch! Can you think of a way to get it out? Draw your idea and write some instructions on how to free the car.
  • Make a holiday brochure! Can you think of a place you’d like to go on holiday? Can you write: the name of the place, where it is, what the weather’s like, what you can do there, who you would go with.
  • Can you think of a time you went on holiday with your family or on a trip out? Have a try of writing about this and drawing a picture of where you went.
  • Can you make your own passport! You need to draw a picture of yourself and write your name, address, age, where you’re from!
  • Can you draw yourself in your holiday clothes? What will you wear? Remember to label them.

Maths activities

Addition and subtraction

  • Use dominoes to create your own addition number sentences. For example, 5 + 2 =. You can use concrete objects (pieces of fruit, blocks or pens) or use pictorial dots to represent the addition number sentence.
  • Write down the following addition and subtraction number sentences onto different pieces of paper (5+3=, 7+5=, 10-6= and 14-2=). Pick up a piece of paper and read the number sentence. Solve using practical resources, dots or a number line.
  • Orally say an addition or subtraction number sentence to your child. Ask them to solve the sentence using cubes. For example, 7 + 3 =. Children to create a tower of 7 cubes and a tower of 3 cubes. Combine them together, what is the total?
  • Play Robot Addition!
  • Use this website to practise your subtraction.
  • Set up some skittles or plastic bottles. How many skittles do you have? Roll a ball and count how many you have knocked down. How many do you have left? Can you write a number sentence to represent it?

Solve the following challenges. (You could use objects, pictorial dots, a number line or counting on/back to help you solve them)

  • In a football match, Anna’s team have scored 6 goals. Then, Anna scares 2 more goals! How many goals have they scored altogether?
  • There are 9 people on a bus. 4 more people get on the bus. How many people are on the bus?
  • Ben has 8 chocolate coins. His friend Bob gives him 5 chocolate coins. How many coins does Ben have altogether?
  • Put 10 raisins (or other small treats) on a plate. If you eat 5, how many raisins will you have left?
  • There are 8 cars in a car park. If 3 of the cars drive away, how many will be left?


Creative and fine/gross motor development activities

  • In the story, Topsy and Tim help to wash the car windscreen. Can you help your grown up to wash their car using large movements? If not you could try washing a toy car!
  • Can you make your own car to get to your holiday destination? Use a toiler roll tube as the main part- see picture below.
  • Do you have a bucket? How many items can you fit in your bucket? How many bears, cars, blocks, balls, toys etc?
  • Can you decorate a bucket you have at home? Try using paints, felt pens, stickers etc.
  • Have a picnic at home, inside or out! Can you help your grown up make the picnic. Try making your own sandwich or chopping the fruit!
  • If you have toy cars at home, dip their wheels into paint and have a go of making some tracks on a large sheet of paper. If you don’t have any cars, try using bottle tops.
  • Can you make a binoculars to look out at sea. Use toilet roll tubes! See picture below.
  • Can you make a sandcastle? Have a competition with your grown up!
  • You might have done this before but it’s always lots of fun, make your own sand!,moldable%20just%20like%20Moon%20Sand!


100 things to do before you turn 6!

  • Feed the ducks!
  • Learn a poem!
  • Make perfume using flower petals and bottles!