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Week beginning: 29th June 2020

Educational activities for home                              Reception                                      Week beginning 29.6.20


Summer 2

Story of the week- (Topic- The Seaside)

Phonics activities

  • Write phase 2 and phase 3 sounds onto a large piece of paper. Play splat with the sounds.
  • Have a range of objects, for example, a cup, a box, a pen and a hat. Provide your children with the matching words. Children to blend the words and match to the correct object.
  • Use your phonic skills to make a poster for your window. It could show who you want to say thank you to or it could be a special message you would like to share.
  • Make a collection of objects from around your house. Can you write labels for each object on small pieces of paper?
  • Play a game with your grown-up. Ask your grown-up to read a sound to you. Can you write the sound down? You could use different colours.
  • Spell out the following words, moon, ring, night and sheep.
  • Go on a reading hunt around your environment. What sounds can you see in words? Use your super blending skills to read words.
  • Look in your favourite book. Can you find any words with the sounds, ‘ck’ ‘sh’ ‘ng’ and ‘zz’?

Reading and writing activities

  • Listen to the book of the week ‘Surfer Chick’. Do you like this story? Why?
  • Can you design your own surfboard? Write a few sentences about its design.
  • Draw surfer chick and yourself. How are you and surfer chick different? Write these differences around the pictures.
  • Can you think of a time that you were brave like surfer chick? What did you do? Can you tell me about it?
  • In the story, Surfer chick looks up to her dad, she thinks he’s awesome! Can you think of somebody who you admire? Write a letter to them about what you think they’re so fantastic!
  • Try a floating and sinking activity in water. Can you write a list of items that float and a list of items that sink?
  • Can you design a certificate for surfer chick? She was super brave for riding the big waves.
  • It’s very important to stay safe near the water. Can you write some water safety rules onto a poster?
  • How else could you travel on the waves? Draw your invention and label it.


Maths activities

2D and 3D shapes

  • Play ‘Guess the Shape’ with a friend of a family member. Describe a shape, remembering to say how many sides and corners it has and to be specific, e.g. “It has 4 sides. It has 4 corners. It has 4 equal sides.” See who can guess the most shapes correctly.
  • Go into your garden or a park and collect some sticks, pebbles and leaves. See what 2D shapes you can make using them. Which shapes are easiest to make using the sticks? Which objects are best for making a circle?
  • Cut some different shapes out of paper and attach some sticky tape to the back of the shapes. See how many different things you can build with the shapes. You can move the shapes around to make lots of different pictures if you use sticky tack.
  • Use some playdough or salt dough to make 3D shapes. Can you make a sphere, a cube, a cuboid, a cylinder and a pyramid?
  • Go on a 3D shape hunt. What different shapes can you find? Look at different food packaging.

Positional language

  • Draw a treasure map on a piece of paper – draw an island in the middle of the paper. Draw a pirate ship next to the island on one side and a ship wreck on the other side. Above the island, draw some smaller islands for boats to move in and out of. Below the island, draw some hungry sharks. What else can you add to your map? Can you describe the position?
  • Ask an adult to hide a toy in your house. Ask questions to find out where it is, starting with the room it is in and then more specific questions, e.g. ‘Is it underneath something?’ or ‘Is it behind something?’


  • Use 2 or 3 different objects to create your own 2 or 3 part repeating pattern.
  • Use chalk or pens to create your own pattern. Can you describe your pattern?                         

Creative and fine/gross motor development activities

  • Can you balance on a thick object such as a tree trunk? Can you walk across it without falling off?
  • Can you make your own surfboard using cardboard? Try to cut it out in the correct shape. Can you balance on it?
  • Experiment with a small tub of water, which items float like the surfboard and which sink?
  • Can you copy the moves from the ‘just dance’ video? Try some others too!
  • Can you make your own beach using blue and yellow materials for the sand and the water?
  • Place some water in a large tub. Can you jump up and down and make some splashes? How far can you splash?
  • Have a race with your siblings or grown up. Who came first, second, third etc?
  • Draw a circle on the ground using chalk. Can you throw stones and get them into the circle? Who was the closest?
  • Watch the children getting their surfing lessons. Can you practise too?

100 things to do before you turn 6!

  • Bake fairy cakes and lick the bowl!
  • Have a tea party for your toys!
  • Sing and dance out loud!