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Week beginning: 6th July 2020

Educational activities for home                          Reception                                                    Week beginning 6.7.20


Please send any pictures of the activities completed via Dojo or Facebook- Thank you J

Summer 2

Animal theme (based on Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow virtual visit)

Phonics activities

  • Each day play Flashcard Speed Dial. Design your own car and identify the sounds that appear on the screen. Can you identify more sounds each day?
  • Use your phonics skills to make a list of jungle animals.
  • Read the following sentences using your phonic sounds. The bug has wings. The bug has six legs. They are in the mud. The bug is on my hand.
  • Help sort the words on the eggs into real and nonsense words.
  • Say a grapheme to your child and encourage them to write it down onto a piece of paper or use chalk.
  • Collect a range of objects from around the house. For example, doll, sock, pen and cap. Play I Spy and provide your child with some words. I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘d’ – can you find the correct image and word?
  • Write the following sentences onto paper using different pens. The bug is red. A slug was in the shed. I can see a snail.

Reading and writing activities

Maths activities

  • Collect some sticks from outside. Can you put them in order from the shortest to the longest? Can you find something longer than the longest stick? Can you find something shorter than the shortest stick?
  • Find 6 of your favourite toy figures (try to make them different sizes). Stand them up and put them in order from the shortest to the tallest. What could you use to measure it?
  • Use some chalk to measure how tall you and your family are on an outside wall. Discuss who is the tallest or the shortest.
  • Ask another person if you measure how tall they are. Ask them to lie on the floor and measure them using objects. What do you think would work best? You could try DVDs or shoes of the same size. Ensure that whatever you use to measure them with, are the same size.
  • Use building blocks to measure some of your toys. How many bricks high are they? Can you make a tower of 10 bricks? How tall can you make a tower before it falls over?
  • Fill two shopping bags, one with small items and the other with one or two larger empty or lighter boxes. Show your child the two bags and ask them to look inside without touching. Ask your child to predict which bag they think will be the heaviest and why. Check your prediction by picking up the shopping bags and test which one is the heaviest or lightest.
  • Use playdough to create 3 different length snakes. Can you order them from the longest to shortest?
  • Experiment using different containers to practise full, half full and empty.

Creative and fine/gross motor development activities

  • Can you draw a long wavy snake? Take your time to section it into parts and colour in each section a different colour. Can you stay in the lines?
  • Can you follow these jungle exercises?
  • Can you use your play dough to follow the jungle dough disco exercises?
  • Make a spire snake like the one below, decorate it first and then cut it out! >>>
  • Choose your favourite animal and make an animal mask! Try to cut out the eyes on your own.
  • Use your animal mask to act as the animal.
  • Can you make a poisonous rainforest frog using a paper plate? Use the picture below for ideas.
  • Can you make your own rainforest using a shoe box? Use your toys to play in it once it’s done! See picture below for ideas
  • Draw some animal footprints outdoors using chalks or mud, where do the footprints lead to? Can you jump to each footprint?
  • Can you move under and over and in between the rainforest vines? Use strangle or tape to make the vines in your house (see picture below for ideas)



100 things to do before you turn 6!

  • Learn to swim!
  • Roll boiled eggs down a hill!
  • Play pooh sticks on a bridge over a river!