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Week beginning: 8th June 2020

Educational activities for home 


WB: 8.06.20

Summer 2

Story of the week- The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch (Topic- The Seaside)

Phonics activities

  • Play splat using phase 2 and phase 3 sounds on paper or postet notes. How many sounds can you identify in 1 minute?
  • Say the following words to your child (buzz, mess, lock, huff, kiss). Encourage them to write them in different colours.
  • Play sound bingo! Make a grid 3x3. In each box write a sound. One person to call a sound out, the other person to find it on their bingo board, if they have it! Put a counter over the sound if you have it. Play until all of your sounds are covered!
  • Have a selection of objects or pictures (pan, cap, tin, sock, pen and other random objects). Present chn with the words pan, cap, tin, sock and pen. Encourage them to segment and blend the words and match to the correct object.
  • Use phonics play to read real and nonsense words.
  • Use your blending skills to make a match!
  • Use your phonics to read some sentences.
  • Use a 3 minute timer. Say a word (phase 2/phase 3 appropriate) and encourage your child to write down the word. How many can you write in 3 minutes? Can you beat your score each day?
  • Show chn an image (this could be on the internet, in a book or from a magazine). Encourage your child to orally create their own sentence and then write it down. For example. The ship is next to the fish.

Writing activities

  • Write a shopping list for the ingredients you would put in your favourite sandwich.
  • Draw a picture of Mr and Mrs Grindling’s home. Can you describe where it is/what it looks like?
  • Can you write about why Mr Grindling’s job is so important?
  • Visit the beach or imagine you are at the beach. Write a list of all of the things you can see. Draw some pictures too!
  • Can you invent a disgusting sandwich to get rid of the seagulls? Draw it and label the different thing inside of it. Make it extra horrible!
  • Can you remember some of the things the characters says? Draw the characters and write what they say in a speech bubble.
  • How else could we get the Mr Grindling’s lunch to him? Draw your invention and write about how it will work.
  • Can you write a list of all of the things a lighthouse keeper does for his job role?
  • Can you write instructions on how to make a sandwich. Remember to write each part in the correct order.
  • Make different types of sandwich for your grown ups to try. Can you record whether they liked it or not in a table. Write what they said about each sandwich.


Reading activities

  • Listen to the story for the week ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. Do you like this story?
  • Imagine you are at the lighthouse, what can you hear? What can you smell? What can you see?
  • Can you make your own characters and lighthouse and act out the story?
  • There are lots of interesting words in the story, do you know what these words mean? Ask your grown up to help you find out by using a dictionary of the internet.
  • Can you pretend to be one of the seagulls and retell your story?
  • Watch the video on how a lighthouse works. Can you remember and tell your grown up/siblings by using your remembering skills?
  • Are there any lighthouses near you? Can you go and see them or look the up on the internet? What did you find out?
  • Can you draw a story map of this book to help you retell it?
  • Can you retell the story by using your family members as the characters?

Fine/gross motor development activities

  • Can you build a lighthouse by stacking different recourses? Make a small lighthouse for your table and a huge lighthouse, which can stand on the floor. Can you make it taller than you?
  • Draw a lighthouse scene on a piece of paper. Cut the paper into 8 parts. Can you put each part back together in the correct place?
  • Can you spin around like a lighthouse light? What happens to you after you have spun around lots?
  • Can you tie your own shoelaces? Have a go of practising this.
  • Can you use a peg or a pair of tweezers to pick up small cubes or toys you have at home? How many can you pick up in 1 minute?
  • Mrs Grindling uses a rope to send across Mr Grindling’s lunch. Can you use a rope to skip with?
  • Use Duplo or Lego to make a boat or a lighthouse.
  • A lighthouse protects boats from rocks. Can you find some rocks or stones in your garden? Can you jump over them, around them etc?
  • Ask your grown up to draw different type of lines, zig zags, straight, squiggly. Can you cut along them?


Maths activities

Identifying numerals, counting and representing numbers

  • Hold up some number cards to the children. Encourage your child to identify the number. Can they represent that number by showing you the correct amount of fingers.
  • Hide some numbers outside. Children run to find a numeral. Can you write that number down?
  • Tell your child an amount, for example 11. Encourage your child to build a tower of that amount.
  • Throw beanbags into a hoop or circle. How many beanbags are in the circle?
  • Think of a number and say it to your child. Can you child do that amount of star jumps? Are they correct? Have a turn of swopping over.
  • Beat out a number on a drum or use your body as percussion. Can you child count how many beats? Can you write that number down?
  • Play a game of dominoes.
  • Sing some songs. For example, 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive or 5 currant buns in a bakers shop.
  • Set a challenge. Give your child an amount. Count that many blocks. How many different structures can you make using that set amount?
  • Play a game using the ten frames. Say a number to your child and encourage them to drag that amount onto the frame.

Creative/construction activities

  • Plan and design a healthy lunch for the lighthouse keeper.
  • Plan and carry out an investigation to find out the strength of different materials. Which material would protect the lighthouse keepers lunch the most? Try tinfoil, fabric or plastic.
  • Use paint to decorate a lighthouse. Can you make a pattern?
  • Create a new basket to hold the lighthouse keeper’s lunch.
  • Design some different outfits that Mr Grinling can wear in the winter and summer.
  • Use some blocks to build your own lighthouse. How tall can you make it?
  • Use a variety of materials to make an obstacle course to imagine you are climbing to the top of the lighthouse.
  • Make your own telescope and explore what you can see like Mr Grinling does in the story.
  • Explore floating and sinking in an outside water tray. Can you make your own boat?
  • Make a paper plate seagull!


100 things to do before you turn 6!

Make large bubbles with hoops!

Blow bubbles on a windy day!

Have a picnic indoors and outdoors!


Please send any pictures of the activities completed via Dojo or Facebook- Thank you J