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Welcome to Ridgeway Primary Academy.


Welcome to Ridgeway Primary Academy, an exciting and thriving primary school at the heart of a vibrant community in South Shields. We are passionate about learning and helping children develop their skills and knowledge so that they can be the best that they can be.


We are a PROUD member of the Tyne Coast Academy Trust, as the first school to join in 2013. Since then, as more schools have joined and the trust has grown stronger, Ridgeway has also gone from strength to strength, achieving a rating of ‘Good’ from Ofsted in 2016. Driven by the best writing progress in the country, we have more than doubled in size and continue to welcome children to our community. We are PROUD of the achievements of every one of our amazing children, and they are PROUD to be a part of our school.


Just as every one of our children is UNIQUE, so too is our school. Our offer centres on a curriculum which promotes resourcefulness and ambition, driven by real experiences. We are a Farm School, offering UNIQUE opportunities for outdoor learning, both at our own farm and at Jarrow Hall Farm. With visits and visitors to every class, every half term, and free breakfast and after-school clubs, the Ridgeway experience is both rich and varied, ensuring children are happy and engaged in their learning.


Finally, we are AMBITIOUS for our children, inspiring and enabling them to reach their potential. We help them to prepare for and believe in an AMBITIOUS and fulfilling future, so they leave us ready to take on the world!


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you would like to come and see what we do, the staff and I would love to meet you and show you round.


Best wishes,


Mr A. Golden